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Green at Provincetown Inn Provincetown, MA

Go Green with The Provincetown Inn

At The Provincetown Inn, we're committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. This page showcases our efforts to embrace renewable energy, particularly by adopting solar power. By harnessing the sun's abundant energy, we can power our operations sustainably and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.


Anyone who lives on Cape Cod knows the importance of energy and water conservation. It is essential to the health of our environment to reduce our energy and water usage. We here at the Provincetown Inn are committed to doing our share. Whether purchasing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly equipment or just training our staff about the importance of recycling, we are committed to make the Provincetown Inn as green as possible.

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  • Embraces Solar Energy at Provincetown


    The Provincetown Inn Embraces Solar Energy

    The Provincetown Inn has gone solar. To help combat the constant rising cost of electricity and to reduce the carbon footprint the Provincetown Inn has on the environment, the Provincetown Inn has just completed the installation of a 100kW solar panel system in May 2016.

    Expanded Recycling Program at Provincetown

    Expanded Recycling Program

    • Each guest room is equipped with a recycling container 
    • Inviting guests to help in our recycling efforts 
    • Recycling stations in various areas of the hotel for paper, plastic, and can recycling 
    • Recycling bins at the pool area for plastic bottles and cans